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We, Super Builders, San Bernardino County, are ideally suited to provide you with excellent designs and construction activity. The design process and related submission requirements for San Bernardino County construction and modernization are somewhat different from mere alteration projects. Super Builders has extensive experience in successfully implementing new construction and Greenfield projects.
Right from design, planning to execution and monitoring, each project stage is carefully implemented by our San Bernardino County general contractor team. We have worked out a sound methodology of handling all these aspects. Prior to initiating each phase of design, the expert members of our design team meet to review the expectations of the of the design program and to exchange ideas, lessons learned from earlier projects and relevant concerns. All the potential risk factors are identified and resolutions worked out.

General Contractor San Bernardino County New Home Construction San Bernardino County
While finalizing the selections of all system particulars with respect to their type, size and other material characteristics, we take care of all the associated parameters which are not only structural, mechanical.
Fire-protective and electrical, but also include all other building components such as the building envelope, i.e. wall, roof, window etc., interior constructions such as flooring, ceiling, and partitions, service spaces, elevators etc. Super Builders has experience and expertise in each area of new construction activity, be it roofing, painting, landscaping or interiors.

A typical new construction has twin challenges of keeping within the budget and timeline. Please call at 1-951-335-8999 or email us at to speak with one of our experts who will discuss several of our recent new construction projects and experiences regarding conforming within budget and timeline. References are also available.
Material and Vendor Selections – if applicable
Milestone Tracking from Start to Finish, Effective Project Management capability.
Experience in successfully handling Large Projects